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24August 2015

Alleanza doors will be exported to the countries with hot climate conditions

The Factory laboratory has completed the tests for thermal stability of the produced doors. The test results proved a possibility to use the doors produced here under the Trademark «Alleanza doors» in some countries with hot climate conditions.

Own Factory Laboratory conveyed the door tests under supervision of the experienced technologists. Various samples of the Door leafs, manufactured with two different kinds of special industrial glue, were exposed into a Thermal chamber for 24 hours. The temperature in the Chamber was set at 65ᵒ C during all the test period.

After the tests has finished, the test samples were taken out from the Chamber in the same unchanging appearance; our technologists have noted no deformations and any changing features of the tested doors. Therefore, result of the Static test has proved a possibility to use our doors «Alleanza doors» in the countries with hot climate. A few Companies from Sothern Europe and Africa have shown their interesting in our Doors.

«Alleanza doors» are manufactured on the innovated Woodworking Production Line, which was developed and built by the European specialists under a special order of the Industrial Group Soyuz, which the Company ZAO Plitspichprom is a part of. Modern technology implemented in the Company has allowed enlarging durability and lifetime of the product. Every door of the brand «Alleanza doors» is manufactured on the base of high-tech and ecologically clean materials that was carefully developed and produced by the Companies of the Industrial Group Soyuz.

Today ZAO Plitspichprom offers a List of «Alleanza doors» products where there are four basic door models with the different design, materials and color range, as well as the door components.

Further entry to the international market will allow “Aleanza doors” to enlarge geography of future deliveries and also to strength the ZAO Plitspichprom’ area influence proving its main concept - highest quality and modern door design.

23August 2015

ZAO Plitspichprom established the Plan and Production Department for Door production

The Plan & Production Department for the «Alleanza doors» production was established because of the production volume growth and enlargement of the door model range. The main function of the Department lays in coordination of all the relevant services at the Plitspichprom for the effective planned production and the quality.

Every month growing number of orders for Allenza Doors stipulated creation of the new structural unit. Specialists of this Department are responsible for the current and perspective production plans as well as for issuance all the technical performance specifications for the Door factory.

Now this Department is successfully working in the Door Workshiop at the Plitspichprom Company. The Department provides planning for every shift and day, calculating material in need as per Month & Year program, collecting orders, coordinating jointed actions of the Factory sales and Logistics. Experts have already noted effectiveness of the Department in the relevant field.

The Door factory increased its staff because of starting the new Line – the door elements and casing production.

High quality of the doors that have been already appreciated by the many customers from different Russian regions and other countries – causes a growth of orders for our Doors and the Door components. Lucky geographical location of the production site (at the Nord-West of town of Balabanovo, Kaluga region) and logistics routes going nearby the Kiev Highway and the Great Betony Ring Road, determine the comfortable logistics for ZAO Plitspichprom and its partners. All together, this allows getting the minimal transport expenses.

Reference: The total annual project production capacity of "Alleanza doors" will achieve more than 240 0000 doors to the year 2019. So it is assessed that the share of the Alleanza doors at the market of Sidebar Doors will achieve about 10% within Central, Southern and Povolzhskiy Federal regions.

22August 2015

Alleanza doors – product from Plitspichprom with unique features

Innovated technologies implemented in the production process together with modern materials allow ZAO Plitspichprom to create its own product under the Trademark Alleanza doors. Laboratory tests made in the factory lab have proved the highest quality of the product.

«Alleanza doors», presented in four model lines, were exposed at many Exhibitions in the Russian Federation and the Closed Foreign countries. Professionals from the Interior Door branch as well as ordinary buyers have already highly appreciated the new products.

Inimitable design, to which the European artists put their hands, marks out our product on the font of our competitors’ offers. Besides of this, the very interesting inner Door construction guarantees some unique operation characteristics to the «Alleanza doors».

For the Doors manufacturing we use raw materials of our own production known for their etalon quality as well as such modern materials as the solid multi-layer glass Triplex and the decoration foil Polypropylene. These materials allow us to have a product with some distinguishing features. The highest Water-resistance, Impact-resistance, Abrasion strength, resistance to scraps and other mechanical impacts, as well as a Chemical resistance – are the good characteristics of the «Alleanza doors» from Plitspichprom. External coverage of the doors provides a sufficient moisture resistance, Light resistance, safety to contamination (butter, grease, and mold). Also executed laboratory tests have shown no cracks, deformation and crumbling of the doors even after loading with linear changing base dimensions, including side tension.

Plitspichprom produces four basic Door model as Hispania, Ferrata, Gemina, and Macedonia. The second Door production Line started in the end of this June. This Line is expected to add the existing model list by new worthy door samples.

The main concept of "Alleanza doors" – to safe the highest etalon of their quality, to exceed the level of the most famous Russian and Foreign producers, to constantly renew the door catalog and models, to use the best finishing materials and decors.

21August 2015

ZAO Plitspichprom opened a new Sale Office

ZAO Plitspichprom continues its development, improving not only existing production processes but also a customer service level. On the official ceremony, the Company opened a new Sales Office. So the leading Company in the Russian Woodworking industry has become closer to its clients.

This Office is so nicely equipped; it serves for closer communication with the buyers and has become one more link in the chain of events for leadership in the Woodworking industry.

The first clients have already noted the highest level of business management there. This Office is the new place for selling all the goods produced by Plitspichprom. Nowadays there you can order House set made of glued timber, as well as wooden panels produced by the Company, wooden solid and glued elements, various doors under Trademark «Alleanza doors».

Managers, door designers and architects are sitting there in direct close with each other. Therefore, the client service is an optimal one; all the additional services are providing here, client can obtain every available service here not going out for another office. It concerns especially wooden House set and Glued timber materials. Here a client can see all the relevant demonstration materials.

Location of the new sales Office is very suitable. Its entrance is made just from the street. Visitor does not need to obtain any admission document in order to see his Manager or specialist.

It is necessary to point out that Plitspichprom always builds its activity on the faithful and bona fide commitments and principles as well as on the honest and reliable co-operation with its business partners. The Company Managers have no doubt that the new Sales Office will provide the highest service standard and allow to strength all the existing business contacts and achieve some more new business horizons.

The Company Managers are always glad to help you and discuss every business aspect, waiting at the address: Pl. 50 Let Oktjabrja 3, Balabanovo, Kaluga Region. Russia.

08April 2015

Bright Debut 2015

An Award under this name was given to trademark «Alleanza doors», at the largest Industry event of the year– «BATIMAT Russia» Trade Fair.

Vanguard Stand, the famous actor Dmitriy Diuzhev who presented the new Trademark to the visitor, festive reception become just a worthy frame for the real sensation of 2015 –Alleanza Doors’ appearance on the Door market.

During four exhibition days, more than 1000 visitors called on our Stand. 200 visitors from them have already shown their interesting in a long-lasting co-operation with us. All the details of the preliminary agreements are still not a subject of public discussion; however, we feel that several big Trading networks and tens of regional dealers will become our business partners soon.

Alleanza Doors Outstanding Debut 2015