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30January 2016

«Alleanza doors» Presents its Products at the «YugBuild-2016» Fair

In the beginning of the March 2016, Plitspichprom Company will present the doors produced by the Company under the Trademark «Alleanza doors» at the International Fair «YugBuild-2016», Krasnodar, Russia.

The International Fair «YugBuild-2016», the largest in the south of Russia, will take place as from 01 to 04 of March 2016, in the city of Krasnodar, on the VKK “Expograd” site. Specialization of the Fair is building and finishing materials, engineering equipment, construction machinery and architectural projects. Russian and foreign exhibitors will present their products in the eight main sectors. Internal doors and door components from «Alleanza doors» will be exhibited at the section “Doors and Furniture”.

The Chief Managers from Plitspichprom will present «Alleanza doors»’ products at the special Company’s stand. Visitors of the Fair can see there a result of mutual co-operation of European designers and AO Plitspichprom’ technologists for creation of the products – internal doors and doors components of etalon design made by the Russian producer, leader in the domestic woodworking industry. The Doors manufactured with the ecologically clean materials in accordance with actual Russian GOST standards are remarkable for its quality, strengths, durability and unique exterior features.

Participation in such a remarkable profile event will allow the Company to strengthen market positions, to enlarge a dealer’s net, to find new partners and clients, as well as to increase sales volume. As it is expected, more than fifteen visitors will attend the specialized woodworking Fair «YugBuild».

Just today, on the official site of the Fair, you can buy your ticket with the discount of 50%.

Reference: Nowadays AO Plitspichprom manufactures internal doors and door components in the four main serial models as Hispania, Ferrata, Gemina, and Macedonia. The basic principle of «Alleanza doors» lays in keeping the highest quality etalons, dominating in all the Russian and foreign analogs and to constantly renew its model collections range and using modern finish materials and decors.

25September 2015

Railway delivery - ZAO Plitspichprom delivers Alleanza doors to its Customers in CIS countries by Railway

Many our customers from the CIS countries have already noted an obvious economic advantage of railway cargo transportation. First railway wagons have already left Plitspichprom for Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Geographic location of the factory «Alleanza doors» is very advantageous one. This fact allows minimizing transport costs for cargo delivery to customers. The next step for our dealers is to deliver doors and doors’ element by railway transport. That kind of transportation helps to reduce the both transport cost and delivery time. In the Factory there was formed a special Department specialists of which take care of the cargo loading, transportation and destination procurement.

This pilot experience has turned out as successful. Many dealers showed their interesting in railway delivery, because a profit from such a logistic solution becomes an actual business advantage in the existing economical and market situation.

To effect shipment of the produced goods by railway is a prerogative of «Alleanza doors» factory. |We are open for co-operation wherever you are located!

Reference: Factory for Internal Doors production «Alleanza doors» equipped by innovated woodworking machinery that was designed and manufactured under an individual order of the Industrial Group Soyuz with several European specialists’ participation. Now in the frames of «Alleanza doors» model collection ZAO Plitspichprom offers four different serial door models and door elements with special design, and diverse materials and decoration. Total annual capacity of «Alleanza doors» will come to more than 240000 doors to the year 2017.

23September 2015

Alleanza doors and Egger

«Alleanza doors» and EGGER Company, well known producer of high-quality flooring, together announce start of the new project, targeting on ready interior solutions for the final client composed interior products of the both producers.

This new introduction will be a unique one for the Russian market. Until now, none of the producers has offered such the completed solutions for house interior, repair and designers implementation.

In large trade net shops, for example OBI, there have already been exposed some visualizations showing carefully implemented compositions of the both «Alleanza doors»’ doors and EGGER’ flooring. This composition shows an ideal fusion combination on home style, material, color, and decoration. On the expert’s opinion, this challenging offer will be of interest for potential buyers, because they could get rid of any actions connected with finding good combination of all the various interior elements.

High quality laminated flooring from EGGER, with its classical structure and innovative beautiful decoration, would certainly create warm atmosphere in your home. When combined with the nice door from «Alleanza doors», they harmonically form your interior. However, it is necessary to select all the interior and furniture parameters.

«Alleanza doors» and EGGER offer wide range of their products, with diverse decors and combining materials and structures, in various sizes and style, in order to allow client find the best interior solution.

Reference: ZAO Plitspichprom manufacture interior doors under trademark «Alleanza doors» in accordance with the latest world trends in interior fashion. Due to etalon quality and modern design, the doors have already gained recognition of the art connoisseurs. The doors are available in four serial models, which are produced under innovative technology and with the best modern materials.

Flooring from EGGER has the highest strength, stylish design and simplicity in maintenance. Producer and designers are oriented to the modern trends, wide assortment as well as to the personal client’ preference. Lamination covering foils are produced in Germany, in the factories in Wismar and Brilon. Marking “Made in Germany” means the highest quality, certified production process and ecological cleanness of the product.

20September 2015

 Internal Doors models Macedonia I – IV from «Alleanza doors»

A new model line Macedonia I - IV has widened the serial range of the Door models manufactured at ZAO Plitspichprom under the Trademark «Alleanza doors».

Doors Macedonia I – IV, now serially produced at the factory have harmonically completed a total line of doors from «Alleanza doors». Door leafs and components united under this laconic name, has already become a style and elegance paragon. Leading European designers who put their hands and skills to the door creation were able to complete traditional classic canons by modern vagaries of fashion. The latest European trends were implemented in the model line Macedonia I – IV; in the collection we could clearly feel a light Italian mood, customary softened by interior Russian traditions, what allow ideally adapt the new doors to the Russian market conditions. Classic paragon available for everybody – this is an exact characteristic of the Macedonia I – IV doors.

ZAO Plitspichprom manufactures doors panels and components are at workshop on the modern woodworking production Line supplied by the European Companies under a special order for the Industrial Group Soyuz. Innovative technological process allows to enlarged shelf life of the ready door. In addition, decorative materials from the well-known world brands successfully substitute natural materials. Door panels are manufactured solely from own PSP’ products.

The main mission of "Alleanza doors" lays in keeping the highest quality etalon, in order to excel existing Russian and foreign analogs, constantly renovating its model collection and assortment, and using the best decorative and finishing materials. After Plitspichprom started the second production line, commercial collection of door models and elements has been replenished. Besides, «Alleanza Doors» is planning to increase significantly its assortment line and to demonstrate several new interesting items even in the beginning of 2016.

05September 2015

Official launching of the Second Door Production Line

Official launching of the Second Door Production Line «Alleanza doors» took place with the participation of the Kaluga region’ Governor.

On August 20, 2015, ZAO Plitspichprom has officially started the Second Line for door manufacturing under the Trademark «Alleanza doors». In order to evidence that the Company enter a new development stage, many representatives of Federal and Regional Ministries as well as the Temporary Deputy of Kaluga Governor Mr. Anatoliy Artamonov visited our Multi-profiled production Complex on that day.

Cutting the Red belt, our quests gave a start of the Second production Line for Door manufacturing that could allow us to effect here a total production cycle for «Alleanza doors» and the Doors components and planks. Top-ranking officials and participants noted a high level of the production process management; they thanked leaders and Directors of the Industrial Group Soyuz and ZAO Plitspichprom for their business professionalism.

Upon the Second Line launching, there was created a total door production cycle with all the operation as cutting of wooden panels coming here from the own MDF & Particle board factory to the ready product assemblage. The new Line has allowed us to widen significantly an assortment range of the manufactured doors and doors elements. Today the Industrial Group Soyuz – on the ZAO Plitspichprom’ facilities - has been producing door leafs, door box, door casing, additional planks. So, the Mill is manufacturing the door sets as “turnkey”.

With operation of this new equipment, it would be possible to widen a model range of the doors produced under the trademark «Alleanza doors». The Company is planning to add new unique door designs and performance to the existing door models from the Catalog. The leading Russian and Italian specialists and artists have been already involved to the doors development.

Besides, in the frames of the Second Production Line, there was starting new high-capacity equipment for production doors with in-factory fixing insertion under the trademark «Alleanza Doors - Serratura». This is considered an innovative product in the existing price segment. Here we can see again the same Company’s concept - to be a Pioneer in its business and go straight by own way, not looking back to its competitors.

Production capacity of the Door factory will achieve – to the end of this year- more than 10 thousand door sets per month. Planned Project capacity is set at more than 240 thousand door sets per year.

Reference: Factory for door manufacturing «Alleanza doors» is equipped by the innovated Woodworking Production Line, which was developed and built by the European specialists under an individual order of the Industrial Group Soyuz. Due to installed high-tech equipment, such the product characteristics as strength, reliability and durability have been significantly improved. In door manufacturing there are used all the ecologically-clean raw materials, components and decoration foils of the well-known brands, on appearance absolutely identical to the natural ones. Laboratory tests, made at the Factory laboratory, confirm the highest quality of the product. In addition, achieved level of the process automation allows gaining a lower prime cost of the produced doors.

Start of the Woodworking Complex in Balalanovo