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Alleanza doors coplanar door frame soon on sale

The experts of KMWC "SOYUZ-Center" LLC are currently developing a brand-new product which will feature distinctive reliability, durability and design.

KMWC "SOYUZ-Center" LLC will hit the market by this spring already with a new "Alleanza doors" branded interior door with enhanced coplanar door frame developed by the company’s key staff with participation of foreign experts. At the moment, a detailed engineering study of the novelty is being carried out and laboratory tests are under way.

The new product is distinguished by its innovative coplanar door frame which combines the door panel and the casing into a whole single surface. The effect is achieved through some structural features of the door frame and the casing as well as the use of “invisible” hinges which are hidden inside the set when closed. This allows to achieve maximum reliability and durability of the installed door set and significantly improve its aesthetic characteristics.

The launch of the door with enhanced coplanar frame will become another success for the “Alleanza doors” brand in the development of domestic and foreign markets while the product itself could claim the title of the top trend in interior fashion.

For reference: the production facilities of the "Alleanza doors" products are equipped with an innovative woodworking line which was customized specifically for the industrial group "Soyuz" by the European specialists. The production uses environmentally friendly raw materials, components and decorative materials of some famous brands. The products are manufactured in compliance with the current GOST. The laboratory tests of the doors carried out by the company confirm the highest quality of the products while a high level of automation permits to lower the cost of the finished products.