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Gemina model XXXI (31)


Model Gemina – Doors, leaf of which consists of solid glass Triplex and side-bars, framed it from the right and left side. Triplex is a multi-layer glass, consisted of two and more layers strongly glued by a polymeric foil. It is practically impossible to break the doors with such a Triplex glass. However, when it is broken, small fragments of broken glass will never scatter for all sides but remain staying on the bonding foil; this fact provides additional safety to our doors usage.


Country of origin Russia
Decor Nut Cappuccino, African Nut, Oak Grey
Width, mm 600, 700, 800, 900
Height, mm 2000
Thickness, mm 38
Type of Decor Lamination Polypropylene
Door plate Construction Side-bar Door Leaf