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Factory for Door production Alleanza doors

Internal doors of the Trademark «Allenza doors» from the Russian producer are considered to be as an innovative break on the Russian market. Due to etalon European quality and modern design, successfully effected in accordance with the world interior fashion. This new Trademark has rapidly deserved customer confidence and popularity among demanding buyers.

Modern Design

In order to develop own conception of stylish doors under the brand «Alleanza doors», producers contacted with the widely known Russian and Italian designers, interior artists, having got a lot of effective and already acknowledged products, brightly appearing their special look at the interior decoration. As a result of such co-operation, there appeared such the stylish «Alleanza doors» models as Hispania, Ferrata, Gemina, Macedonia, which clearly reflex an essence of actual European trends and at the same time are adapted to the existing traditional demands of Russian consumers.

Innovative Technologies

Factory for door production «Alleanza doors» has been equipped by innovated woodworking line that was developed and constructed by the European specialists as an individual special order from the Industrial Group Soyuz. Due to high-tech equipment and machinery, such quality product features as strength, reliability and durability has been significantly improved. Only ecologically clean raw materials, components and decorative elements from the world leaders are used in the door manufacturing. It looks like as absolutely identical to the natural materials. Principal target of «Alleanza doors» is to keep an etalon of the existing quality level, exceeding, for today’s conditions, the quality level of many other Russian and foreign producers, constantly developing door collection by some new models and decorations.

Suitable Location for Further Growth

Not all the producers could boast by the very attractive geographic location. This fact can contribute to reducing and minimization of the transport costs. Factory «Alleanza doors» is located in Kaluga Region, at the Nord-West border of Balabanovo, very closed to the High-Speed Avenue Kiev and to the Great Betony Ring Road. We are open for co-operation, wherever your are staying!

Warehousing Program Available

Production capacity of this factory at Plitspichprom, as per project data, covers production of more than 118 thousand doors per year. In further perspective, up to 2019, inner doors of the Sidebar construction brand «Alleanza doors» will take a 10% -market segment of the South and the Volga Region. If you decide to order the products from our Catalog – designer’s models «Alleanza doors» - you may be sure that your order will be fulfilled in desired volume and at the shortest time!